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Let's prepare labneh. But what is it? 

Some years ago, the labneh was the most common food in Lebanese homes. It was sold by kilo in plastic bowls. It was cheap and easy to spread on a disk of Arabic bread, then you rolled it up and the bread took the form of a fife, then if you wanted you could add on the labneh some tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, so the sandwich (or fife!) bacame richer. But I preferred to eat it without added. I hated our refrigerator, it was always empty, except for a bowl of labneh.


Let's prepare first the yogurt.

Take the desired amount of milk, for example 2 litres. Put the milk in a pot and heat it warm but not hot. Take the temperature desired checking with your finger, we have to feel the milk warm but we have to bear counting up to 10.

Then put in the milk a whole white and natura lyogurt, mix, and put the lid on the pot, and wrap up it in some woollen coverlets (2 plaids), and let it in a quiet place for a whole night. After that, we will find that milk fermented and became yogurt.

Now take the yougurt and put it in a cloth (in preference white), close it as a sack, and hang it up to make it drip for 24 hours.

In the cloth there will be the famous labneh, put it in a container with a little oil. Spread on the bread with oil and olives: it's a genuine and healthy goodness.



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