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Arabic-italian translation




Our services in Arabic are very useful today, particularly because it is difficult, and few people know Arabic in Italy.
Our service in Arabic are high quality services, guaranteed by mother tongue (official certification).
We offer Arabic-italian written translations of familiar and personal text, papers, forms, and other official texts, literary and scientific texts.
Translation’s prices change by the deadline and the kind of translation, In general the cost is about 20 euro per folder/page, but it can be agreed.













Other languages​​: English, French, Russian




We extend our services to other languages​​: English, French, Russian.
We provide written translation of personal or familiar texts, or official documents to immigrants who speak English, French or Russian.

The cost is 20 euro per folder/page, even in this case the price can be agreed later.













Oral interpreter’s activity




We offer also oral interpreter’s activity in Arabic (our most important language).
Once more, our services are addressed to immigrants and foreigners in general who need translations for oral communication.
These services are also addressed to public or private bodies, universities and other institutions which need immediate translation.
The price is of 35 euro by the hour, but also in this case the price can be agreed later. 
This activity regards only Salerno and near towns.










To pay the services you can use on line modalities.


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